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Abaya Dubai is the essential Garment of the Muslim Woman.

Abaya Woman and Muslim Fashion with Pearls Of Dubai.

The Pearls Of Dubai Ready-to-Wear brand was founded in the United Arab Emirates and we specialize in making abayas.
All our oriental dresses are made from A to Z in the United Arab Emirates and are shipped from Dubai in a beautiful box. The abaya is a garment for Muslim women that we cherish, discover through our online store different designs of abaya both for your daily life but also for special occasions or evening abayas.

Classic Abaya, a must-have in the Women's Wardrobe.

Discover in our online store a range of classic abayas that are both modern and modest. The design of our classic abaya is sober and unadorned, it was imagined for your daily life. This oriental dress has been cut wide to offer you a chic and modest style. Its wide and straight sleeves will bring you optimal comfort while its premium quality Korean Nida fabric will give you remarkable well-being. The collar is wide enough and has a snap button at the front to make it easier for you to put on this oriental abaya.

Butterfly Abaya is Elegance and Modesty in 1 in the feminine wardrobe.

Commonly known as the Abaya Farasha, the butterfly abaya has wide, curved sleeves so that when the arms are horizontal, the sleeves of the abaya unfold like the wings of a butterfly. Gorgeous. Our range of farasha abayas is available in twelve colors. Its collar is identical to that of a classic abaya while the ends of its sleeves are cut closer to the wrist. The strong point of this butterfly abaya lies in its wide cut concealing the shapes while offering an elegant look. Also note that the fabric used to make the butterfly abaya is also Premium quality Nida.

The Abaya Kimono, the ideal abaya dress for parties and special events.

This open-front abaya with a belt is designed with wide sleeves for a distinguished look. This abaya is the ideal outfit for a Muslim woman during important events because it will bring you this modest and classy style. Its fluid and light material made from premium quality Korean nida fabric is comfortable even in summer. Discover in our online store the kimono abaya available in twelve different colors and in different styles, pearl kimono abaya, edging kimono abaya, etc…