Outfit for Eid woman 2021: how to dress during this holiday?

If there is one very important holiday in the Muslim religion, it is, of course, Eid. Indeed, Eid is presented as a feast day for Muslims, and like any feast day, it is important to prepare well and put on your best clothes. Therefore, care should be taken in your dress style while promoting elegance and simplicity.

Now we are in the middle of the month of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr is just around the corner. It is a Muslim religious holiday marking the end of the month of Ramadan. 

On this day, Muslim women will need a nice outfit. Don’t worry, it’s easy to dress for Eid Day. Indeed, for Muslim women looking for an outfit for Eid, you should know that the Abaya is presented as the essential outfit to get during this party. Indeed, not only is this outfit suitable for all body types, but also it is synonymous with simplicity and elegance. No need to burden yourself with glittery outfits, a pretty abaya would do just fine.


Outfit for women's eid 2021: opt for a classy and elegant Abaya

On this day of Eid El Fitr, it is certain that your relatives and friends will come and visit you to wish you a happy birthday, but what outfit should I put on to receive them?

Because an Eid day is unlike any other, it is strongly recommended that you wear perfume and get nice clothes. In order to spend beautiful moments with your family, you can buy a new outfit if the possibility is offered.

In order not to complicate your life, you can simply opt for a beautiful Abaya.

You can choose between two models of Abayas. The first model refers to a long dress, while the second model borrows the same cut as a classic Kimono.

Depending on your day's schedule, you can choose your Eid outfit. Indeed, if, for example, you are going to stay at home, we recommend that veiled women opt for a beautiful, simple and elegant Abaya with a pretty hijab. However, for the Muslim woman who wants to go out, you can opt for a chic and modern Abaya.

When choosing to buy an Abaya, know that you have the free choice to put all the clothes you want underneath. For example, you have the option of wearing a set with pants, a jumpsuit or a little sequined dress underneath.

Also know that you can wear your abaya as well with sandals, sneakers or heels.

Outfit for Eid woman 2021: accessorize your Abaya properly

The Eid party is not only an opportunity to wear these most beautiful outfits, but also to bring out those original accessories that we do not usually put on. Indeed, do not forget to put on your best accessories to brighten up and complete your outfit.

Whatever model of Abaya you choose, don't hesitate to accessorize it with beautiful jewelry (earrings, bracelets, rings, necklace, etc.), designed in precious metals and with a trendy design.

To be both stylish and distinguished on Eid Day, add a belt to your outfit. However, be careful to mark your waist too much to avoid showing off your pretty curves.

In addition, you can also wear a nice pouch to keep your papers and your smartphone. However, if you plan to carry a lot of things, go for a nice, medium-sized handbag.

Without forgetting, of course, the hijab. Indeed, it is essential to choose it well in order to perfect your outfit. Choose a chic fabric hijab model that fits your Abaya to be chic and original during this party.